We offer personal 1:1 lessons and professional lessons to help you learn about hair and makeup techniques and tricks on yourself or on your clients. In our classes you will learn about the products and tools that professional makeup and hair artists use. We can create a personalized lesson or tutorial that’s easy to follow and will suit your makeup/hair needs. So give the ultimate gift to your friend, daughter, sister, or keep it to yourself by booking a private hair and makeup lesson.                                                            

$500 (4 hours). 


This class is perfect for those individuals wanting to learn how to apply makeup on self. 

The application will be applied on self, covering the basics for an everyday makeup application or polishing self-application skills. You have the option to bring your own products or you can use our products to practice in class.

$1200 10 hours 2 days. 

Monday -Thursday

Hands on course with a live model for working/practicing makeup artists. Course will be a full face application walk through with break down of products, tools, technique and placement. Artist must bring makeup kit, kit not included or you use our products in class to practice and purchase products later.


Your first day will start to be given an introduction to the tools and products that will be used during the course. At Sitarabeauty you will be introduced to make up from the very beginning of a subtle day look to a more glamorous evening look which will include the secrets to color correction, how to get that perfect base, and flawless finish of a matte look. When you learn how to do makeup from the first day, you will be able to create celebrity style looks likewise glamour’s, red carpet, and catwalk.


The media look will help you learn how to get that flawless base for your clients. You will receive step-by-step guidance on how to get that perfect dewy look, the most natural cream contour, highlight, and blush. This will give you the knowledge needed to create the most exotic Middle Eastern/South Asian looks which can be used for a reception, contemporary bride, and other events.


Our final makeup look is a more advanced bridal look where you learn the details of a traditional South Asian bridal look. You will be given advice and tips on how to create different Pakistani bridal and Indian bridal looks. Also, you will be shown the different ways to set a dupatta and bridal jewelry.


The second day will be the day you learn how to create basic hairstyles to more advanced bridal hairstyles. You will be given a step-by-step demonstration of each look and then will be expected to practice and demonstrate that look.

These hairstyles will cover many occasions including 1 party hair and 2 Bridal hairstyles.

We teach you all hairstyles section by section so that you can make any hairstyle according to your knowledge with ease. Course Duration: 16 hours – Course Fee: $1950.

You don’t need to bring anything to the class. We provide the products as well as the brushes to practice in class. (kit is not included and List of items will be given to purchase)It is offered as a private course theory and application. To sign up simply email us back. (Total of 16 hours -incl. a 30 min lunch break each day)


Individual Makeup and Hair Lesson – 4 Hours


Group Makeup Lesson (Max 3 People) – 2 Hours


Group Makeup and Hair Lesson (max 3 people) – 4 Hours.                                                          


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