About Sitara Beauty:

We have specialized in bridal hair and bridal makeup for the past 13 years, we do highly skilled work in all area of hair and makeup including bridal,personal event, film & television, and print. We recognize that each person is unique and as such adapts the bridal makeup application for various skin type and occasions including Asian bridal makeup, Indian bridal makeup and may other style. Our mission is to accentuate your beauty and bring out the best in you and to make your wedding day or event a joyful one. A complete, personalized and professional services are offered to you in the comfort of you home or chosen venue by us. We offer hair and makeup services that are top quality and allow you to look and feel your best on what is likely to be the most important day of your life. We at Sitara Beauty, understand the amount of planning and thought that has gone into this day. We aim to create as close a reality possible to your wedding day vision.


Mariam is a professionally trained makeup artist with more than 13 years of experience in the industry. Growing up, she has always had a passion for makeup and hair, and is now transforming her talent into a full service career. Her beauty Studio by the name of “Sitara Beauty” is one stop shop for both your makeup and hair design needs. As a young woman, Mariam put her artistic talent to work by doing the makeup of her friends and family.
Mariam has worked with Toronto’s leading commercial photographers, as well south Asian celebrities, and many other runway and magazine shoots. For the past few years, she has focused primarily on bridal makeup/hair and has done makeup/hair for hundreds of brides of many different facial types throughout Brampton and the GTA.
Mariam realizes that each client is different and customizes her approach to their needs and expectations. She uses only the finest quality products and equipment and is committed to providing complete satisfaction to all of her clients on their special days. After being encouraged by friends and family to open a business, Mariam took the steps she needed to fulfill her dreams. Her mission is “to accentuate your beauty and bring out the best in you and to make your wedding day or event a joyful one”.


Since Nargis was a young girl, she has had an innovative spirit, a great work ethic, and a love for hair art and fashion. As early as her teens, she helped numerous relatives and friends prepare for their wedding days and graduations. A sought after stylist, she knew she had the skills to help women achieve the look they wanted for the most important events of their lives. Nargis felt privileged that peers looked for her expertise to choose their wardrobe, hairstyle, and makeup look for their big day. It was a perfect career choice for her given her skills as a stylist coupled with her vibrant and outgoing personality which both help provide a positive experience to her clients.
Nargis provided hair services while attending hair school, receiving her diploma. Training under a well-known master stylist to gain the skills she needed as a hairstylist gave her the confidence to venture on her own. Today, Nargis is able to create beautiful hairstyles for even the most sensitive clients, using her imagination and new techniques to create unforgettable hairstyles.

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